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Add Online Pedal Steel Guitar to your tracks easily. Let me custom record fills and solos as you need them for your tracks. 

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Top-tier Player, Kevin Ryan...
the video has many examples of some of our projects.

To make this as seamless and satisfying for you as possible, once you fill out the contact form below, I can connect and discuss any of the particulars and answer any questions you may have.

About Steeltrax

Kevin is a musician veteran with countless hours of studio and stage experience. In the 80's, Kevin recorded 100's of sides for Panasonic Karaoke
of Japan.

Kevin Ryan has produced 2 pedal steel loop libraries, one for Sony, The Nashville Wire. The Nashville wire is a great product Kevin did for Sony and thousands have been sold. It has been available on dozens of websites and is reasonably priced. A must for any amateur or professional studio.

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The other steel guitar loops package from Kevin is called “The Complete Collection of Pedal Steel Guitar” available at It is a 3 gig dvd loaded with every type of steel phrase you may need to add that country credential to your recordings. It contains western swing, honkytonk, ballad endings and fill, chimes and so much more and another available




There is discounts certainly for volume. We will Skype chat or phone chat to lay out some production ideas and concerns. 

Video overdubs and specialty overdubs are very reasonably priced. Be sure to watch the video above for some possible ideas. 

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